Contract Agreement
My Success School
We will leave no one behind
This agreement and commitment is a binding agreement between you and God in agreeing to comply with Success University of the Parent Company Lariat Ministries as stated in this agreement. The primary goal is to help people & mentor them to be who they are in Christ.

I as a student of My Success School of Lariat Ministries and receiver of this agreement duly vow in God's name to abide by this agreement of all stipulations. There will be no fees or hidden cost. The only requirement will be to purchase books 'Why'; '12 Day Trail Ride'; & 'Battlefield of the mind' as directed and joining HighTrafficAcademy in becoming an affiliate. Following all the instructions as directed on the website. Joining all programs as instructed as needed to complete this training and you will help other in keeping this site as free as possible in cost to the students. After receiving the information and websites building or others tools recommended by Lariat Ministries in putting them to work, (when I have made over $100k) I will donate 10% or whatsoever God puts on my heart to Lariat Ministries. So that Lariat Ministries can keep this ministry free  and to pay all up keep costs of Lariat Ministries in helping students, orphans, challenged children, and widows of the world and anyone who knocks. There will be no hidden cost or help responsible for my education in becoming successful and prosperous as I am being taught. This basically saying is cost is only what PB (HTA) website cost and cost of the books are the only cost, then pay 10% of what I make and/or what God lays on my heart when I am successful after using what I am given and purchase. Lariat Ministries promise is that if you apply and believe everything we direct you to do you will prosper, some of you will becomes millionaires, at least debt free, some just comfortable whatever one desires. Also understand Lariat Ministries will not seek repayment of anything you think is due here on this site (Lariat Ministries) or agreement by world laws. That is between you and God. We fully operate under the God’s Kingdom laws. We set this agreement at the foot of the cross. Lariat Ministries believes what the bible says, plain and simple. We do not have man's doctrine of denominational rules & by laws to follow.  We follow the Bible and Holy Spirit. We also will build and provide scholarships and student loan program to be able to afford any cost you cannot burden at the time of joining. This will be in progress by June 30, 2016 according to how many people graduate and become successful.

 (your name) vow to follow this agreement for my schooling in success. OK click on agreement button and you are engaed with Success University in becoming all you can be in God.

Agreement Click Button is in process of being made, in the mean tme this site is free. We jsut ask you to email us your testimony when following what we have to offer. In the mean time enjoy the use of this site, we just ask to abide by our agreement and beleive & recieve. 

Privacy Statement of Lariat Ministries
Lariat Ministries is committed to protecting the privacy rights of all visitors to our Web site, We assure you that the identity of anyone accessing our website is kept strictly confidential. Lariat ministries does not rent, sell or exchange our mailing list with anyone outside our family of ministry outreaches. We always strive to be responsible in management practices, truthful in our promotion campaigns, as well as, cost effective in our fundraising efforts. Lariat Ministries is not responsible in the affiliated program do, we endeavors to maintain a high standard of financial accountability and stewardship, as well.,Lariat Ministries strives to keep all costs to a minimum and making publications on this site free whenever possible, while maximizing the funds received for ministry and mission outreaches. mailing list can be obtained through Project Breakthrough Program.

The following explains, in part, how we gather data from our website and how we use it:
Lariat Ministries is firmly committed to ensuring the security of information from visitors to our site. We have implemented physical, managerial and electronic procedures to secure the data we collect online. Our internet host utilizes secure servers (https) for all financial transaction information. In addition for U.S. donors, we use an internet security service to collect or transfer credit card information. Every effort is made to maintain data privacy and accuracy, to prevent unauthorized access and to guarantee the proper use of information. does not store credit card numbers.
Information Collection. We use PayPal systems.

Once a visitor accesses Lariat Ministrie's website, our web servers record the Internet Protocol (IP) address, which informs us which domain the visitors are using. We do not capture email addresses unless users provide them. Lariat Ministries tracks traffic patterns through links accessed on our email messages. This information is used only to enable Lariat Ministries to better serve our followers, students, donors and friends and to determine overall interests in our site and organization. allows the usage of "cookies," which enable users to log in quicker and easier. Users may override these by modifying their browser settings. The website does not utilize spyware or adware. Our servers are routinely scanned for viruses, including real-time firewall scans to prevent any type of malware

Sharing Jesus & His ways with a needy world is the cornerstone of Lariat Ministries Outreach's vision. We communicate information about our evangelistic & missionary efforts — through email updates in addition to other media. As disasters strike around the globe, we at Lariat will send donations or help, email communications inform our friends and donors of the need for help with emergency food, water purification equipment, temporary shelter and other outreaches to help alleviate further human suffering, whenever possible and finances permit.
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