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   We are letting every article and advice be free. Yet there are button yet to activate, please be patient.We just ask you to email us your testimony in how this has helped you. Please understand all books that are recommended are not free. Yet we are adjusting prices to be a better bargain. This is where you come to get your 'out of this world insight' and 'power' with both feet planted on a solid foundation, one that does not crumble like the world economy or falsities or lies.OK here it is free, totally free until we build up free scholarships. It is our goal to make this a free site so we can help everyone. Yes there are some cost in monetary and in your life in making changes. 
  Dani & Hans has set up a way to success that is truly out of this world.We would like you to start by signing up here and with Dani Johnson.When I say free it is by studying what is on both sites without cost. Yet there are books and CD's that cost and programs that give you a quicker alternitive, the fast track. We are building up scholarship funds for everyone to be able to do this completely free of cost. In the mean time do what you can in getting what you need for success from this site while it has free access. Please listen to Dani on her CD's and DVD's she is amazing, she also has free stuff. We will help you all the way, & give you the skills to do it & the know how, best of all 'a can do spirit'. So how about it come and partner up with all of us and get'er done.
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As soon as you can buy Joyce Meyers book'Battlefields of the Mind' and Jim Bowline's book '12 Day Trail Ride' Click on the appropriate buttons, for it is a head start on getting a mindset to overcome defeat mentality. Sometimes this is n place and not even know it. Read every article on this site. We will add more as time permits. Know we will active buttons on this site as they become available.

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   The world is plump with opportunity good & bad. With right thinking, boldness, doing the right thing, and conviction, you can stick a fork into your goals that you strive for they are done, ready for your picking, your harvest.
  Success is on purpose, pre–mediated use of choice and decision. Unless you choose with certainty (right thinking) in what you want, you accept table scraps by default! Your tomorrow is what you speak and think today. If you think you are no good or you can’t do it then that is your future. If you prepare the mind with food for thought in rightly thinking, prepare it in skills you need for what you want, then your future will be what you strive for.
   Now this is where we step into your life and show you how and help you aquire the skills and boldness.We will be making changes as we go and this develops & have this formatted in a way that it will be like a credited college university, that is our goal. Know we are an affiliate with the best CFI, My Profit Miracle, DJ Coaching, Success School, CAP (Christian Associate Program), and many more.
  The way... will be by partnering with Success University, (CAP), and Dani Johnson. Dani Johnson has CD's made and programs that truly work and in agreement with what we are teaching.